Your church is always communicating.
What are you saying?
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Can people cross your communication
to transformation?

Churches churn out content:

in-person teaching,

social media posts,

everything in between.

But too often it's a bridge unanchored to either shore.

It doesn't reach what people are truly looking for.

And it doesn't land the answers found in Jesus.


Gospel Content That Connects

a one-day training experience for church leaders,

from teachers and preachers

to communications specialists

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High interaction, compelling examples,

practical coaching

Meet felt needs and

present the gospel

better than ever

comprehensive system

more versatile than

a Swiss Army knife

Relevant inside and outside,

from an hour-long teaching

to a two-minute blog post

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As a collaborative author and as a member of the team at The Future Church Company, Cory Hartman has crafted words for some of the most influential voices in church leadership. With 13 years of pastoral ministry experience, Cory knows how to articulate truth that makes sense to people where they are.


"Your seminar was phenomenal."


—  Aaron, ministry leadership pastor


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